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  • The average repair time for a cracked bell is 42 hours
  • The average time spent welding a cracked bell is 4 hours
  • All sizes of bell have been welded from small hand bells to the largest of tenor bells
  • All areas of the bell have been welded including canons and clapper indents
  • At least 4 dye penetrant tests will be performed on a bell from arrival to completion of repair. These will determine the extent of the cracking and the success of the repair
  • On average the bell will take 24 hours to heat to the correct temperature for welding and lowered to room temperature over up to 36 hours
  • 80% of the insulation material used to lag the bells is recycled and used again
  • Over 500 bells have been welded by Soundweld over the years
  • Bells have been welded from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales as well as France, Sweden and Malta

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