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This section of our site covers the restoration work we do involving cracked bells.

There are a variety of ways a bell can be damaged but around 60% of the bells we repair are cracked in the crown bishopstone treble 1 
Crown cracks can be caused by:

  • Rusting / expansion of the cast in staple
  • Over zealous removal of canons and/or argent

About 35% of bells are cracked in the soundbow click here for examples
Soundbow cracks can be caused by:

  • Bell metal becoming worn at the point of clapper impact
  • Incorrect size of clapper
  • Incorrect method of striking
  • Inclusions and casting flaws

The other 5% of repairs include:

  • Missing pieces click here for examples
  • Waist cracks / shoulder damage click here for examples
  • Damaged or missing canons click here for examples
  • Filling of clapper indents click here for examples

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